I know there have been plenty of these posts before, but I feel the need to let this out somewhere. Pretty certain my husband is sick of me bitching about MAV every other second so I thought I’d bitch here :roll:

So I finally bit the bullet and booked two back-to-back vacations for my hubby and I. I hope I’m not being too over zealous and it won’t come to bite me in the ass. This is my first time traveling since this MAV thing first started in July. Back in May of this year, I went to turks & caicos for a week… I was nervous then too because I had a case of BPPV (Though I really wonder if it was still MAV since then). Of course I turned out to be fine throughout the whole vacay… I really hope the same goes for this. We are staying at a beach resort in South florida for 5 days, followed by a weeklong trip to Texas for thanksgiving to visit with my sister & her family. We were thinking about going to Disney while in FL but I feel like it’ll be too much for me and my stupid migraine brain. Figured something low key like this would be a good start.

I’ve been so down-in-the-dumps about this crap lately… wanting my “normal” life back etc. I had several breakdowns this evening before even booking the plane tickets… “Omg am I gonna be able to fly” etc.

Anyone have any advice on flying/going on vacation? We leave in 2 weeks so starting from today I’m going to be stricter on myself about the MAV diet, sleeping… and once we get there I’m not going to drink a drop of alcohol/stay wary of cheese, caffeine etc.

I’m also a bit nervous because two days before we leave, I have my 1st appointment with a neuro-otologist. I’ve had to wait over 2 months for it! I’m just nervous he’ll do something to my head/make me go through some testing that makes me too dizzy to fly :frowning: What was your first neuro-otologist appointment like? Do you think if I call the office before hand and explain that I have to travel 2 days after it would make a difference?

I feel like now that I said “eff it” and bought the tickets, my excitement has been replaced by fear,too many questions, and “what ifs”!!

Hey Suki,

Don’t worry. You can search my posts for specific pointers. I had very serious MAV (24-7) and this summer I flew to Asia and all around the region (Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand) for my job, and most of the time I was with two daughters under age 5, and I was fine. Use ear planes and bring a benzodiazepine, and try to space out the travel so that you don’t overload a single day. It’s ok to express your worries: I was worried too since my first flight with MAV was 13 hours long!
You will be fine.

Thanks for the kind words! Makes me feel so much better that I’m not the only one going through this. I am a little clueless on medicine terms… Is a benzo something like valium? Was thinking of going to my doctor and asking for an rx “just in case”

All around Asia? that’s awesome! My hubby used to live in Japan and I remember making that flight (14 hours direct!) it was rough, and this was when I was healthy… Can’t imagine what it would’ve been like with MAV. Kudos to you for not letting it ruin your life. I guess all we can do is keep moving and hope for the best!

Oooh and earplanes are a great idea. Will def pick some up this weekend. THANKS!!!


For most people on the board and over the years, travel in a jet hasn’t really messed people up much. The worst thing is jet lag and not the flight. It doesn’t sound like thats going to be an issue for you. I’d just relax about it all and on the day, have some Valium on hand and ear plugs for the plane.

Last year I got totally walloped with a dizzy attack flying home from Toronto to Sydney. It only got me in the first 5 hours. I loaded up on Valium, slept for about 4 hours after leaving LA and when I woke I was fine. Watching movies and all.

Don’t let fear get the better of you. Very good idea to stay clean before the trip though. Sleep, no booze etc.


Hi there,
I flew to Mallorca in sept my first time flying since my MAV started, I must admit take-off was horrible I felt so dizzy and out of body but once in the air I was fine just I could feel every turn the plane made, landing wasnt to bad. On my flight back I chewed chewing gum and focused on the seat I front of me which did seem to help. I’m going to Tenerife on Tuesday and not looking forward to the flight but I’m not gonna let this stop me from flying! All the time I was in mallorca I didn’t really have much dizziness just a bit here and there :slight_smile:
Hope you have lovely holiday

Suki - I flew last month and was literally terrified about it. I had cancelled one trip and knew I had to make that 2nd one. It was a long flight (cross country) but I have to say it really was a non-event and my fear and nervousness was the only thing that caused the discomfort. I took .25 mg of xanax before each leg and that definitely helped. I also found that looking out the window - something I normally prefer on flights - made a bit dizzy so I just pulled the shade closed and was fine. Its really great that you booked the trip. You can’t let this stop you from things. Try to stay as calm as you can and you’ll do great.


thank you everyone for your kind words! Just wanted to give an update. Thankfully everything was fine! I’m not the type to pop pills so I didn’t take any valium before hand but I had dramamine and meclizine in my purse just in case. What’s funny is that the entire time I was in Florida I never felt my MAV symptoms (constant lightheadedness & anxiety). I was swimming, drinking… I even went on a boat! (pirate cruise). Even in TX with the family I was good, other than the usual lightheadedness/stuffed up feeling from allergies. One thing I found was that when I drink alcohol (vodka, rum etc) I am fine, but beer really messes up my inner ear. Strange. Now that vacation is over I am back to abstaining from drinking though. I don’t want to push my luck!

Anyway, I am really happy (and proud!) that I was able to conquer my fear of traveling. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s words of encouragement and advice so I really thank you all. It’s crazy and sad how an illness like this can really take such a toll on you and make you fearful of normal things!

My neuro-otologist appointment alsowent well. I visited Dr. Joel Lehrer at Northern Jersey ENT in Teaneck, NJ. Went through a battery of tests… No ENG though. He said I didn’t need it. I asked him if I could have MAV but he didn’t believe so (I still do!). I have to go back at the end of this month to do a glycerin test. Something about fluid in my inner ear? I forgot to ask him about Meniere’s but I seriously doubt it because after my hearing test he said I had the hearing of a 16 year old! woohoo! He mentioned something about weight gain causing increased pressure in the inner ear or a CSF leak, so I guess we’ll see. He seemed very well versed and competent and has published a lot of research on the field. He’s even friends with John Epley (that part made me chuckle)!! If you are in the New york area, looking for a neuro-oto, he is a great guy. He spent about 2.5 hours with me and answered all my questions & had great bedside manner. A nice change from my last ENT.

I was kind of shocked when he said he didn’t think I had MAV, but I also know just how many people on here have had misdiagnoses. At this point, I don’t care what I have I just want to know exactly what it is so we can treat it properly. In the meantime, I’m still taking my propranolol and adhering to the MAV diet (as much as possible!)

Flying helps me. It increases csf pressure. I have always felt a bit better after flying.

Hi Suki,

Thanks for the update! I think you have managed to inspire me to book a flight!! I have to go to a conference in Ireland in Feb, and have been putting off booking it. I think I really need to just go for it.

Interesting about your possible change in diagnosis. It’s so hard to be sure what’s going on when so many symptoms from different conditions overlap. Good luck for you test at the end of the month, and let us know how it goes.

@beechleaf yay! I say go for it… book it! honestly, just as everyone said… it was more the hustle bustle/lights/open spaces of the airport that got to me more than the actual plane ride itself. And I feel that same feeling when I’m in malls so to me it was worth it. I was honestly sooo back and forth about planning the trip and finally I was like “eff it.” I can’t live in fear anymore. and keep telling myself that there are people out there who have much more debilitating conditions than I do who still have such a positive outlook on life. I need to take a cue from them.

I will definitely keep you all updated! take care

suki - good to hear that your flight went well. I haven’t flown in many years (it was after my first BPPV attack but before MAV started), and we’re flying in a couple weeks to visit family for the holidays. Fortunately we can get a direct flight, and I got some valium from the doc. I’m hoping that that, plus taking care of the baby and trying to stay calm for him, will make the flight go well.