Valium or other benzos for headaches?

I know valium and other benzos take the edges off the dizziness. Does anyone get relief from their headaches with valium or other benzos?

I should be so lucky!! Can’t get valium or benzos here in the UK for love nor money!! I had a few diazepam once when I had a flare up of TMJ which cleared the muscle spasms but no way would my GP give me them for any other reason. Shame really because have heard they do help when very dizzy.

So can’t answer your question Nabeel.


I got valium from my GP here in the UK. They gave them to me at the start of all this in 2009 when i appeared to be suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I knew it was more than that but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I got 2 lots of them prescribed but was too scared to take more than 1 tablet as I thought at that time that it was completely crazy that I would be taking that stuff. Little did I know what awaited me with MAV!!

Anyway I have taken a few over the last few years and they do help with head and neck pain for sure. However they make me feel more woozy headed. I don’t think any docs would give them out for headaches though. I think painkillers and preventatives are what they would prescribe and probably safer than getting addicted to valium. It can create a dependency I think x

I have a script for valium and I keep some around because it helps me to sleep, and my only remaining dizziness is when I get into bed and lay there.

To answer your question, my wife gets pretty bad headaches and migraines sometimes, and she will sometimes take half a valium (2.5 mg) along with a couple Advil, and she claims that it helps get rid of the headache. So yeah, it does work on headaches.