Vegan poster girl reveals diet ‘brought on menopause’ and says she’s back to meat

Not sure how trustworthy, but thought it worth sharing considering some people’s views here …


As with any restrictive diet, or for that matter a diet of processed crap food substitutes, it’s hard to get the right mix of amino acids and vitamins unless you’re paying attention. And not everything works for everyone all the time.

That said, though, Woody Harrelson is a vegan, no gluten, no sugar guy and he’s looking pretty good.



Well the very first long-term vegan I ever knew was a young fellow of similar age who I worked with and I can honestly say was the first and only person I’ve ever met who could have taken a role in any reenactment of a scene from Belsen simply by removing his shirt. I’m not sure of current UK law but at that time (1980’s) children born to vegans and likely to be fed a vegan diet were removed from their parents and sent into care as were his two. The diet was considered lacking in nutrients to sustain development in growing children. Helen

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I had to look that up. And there was me thinking something completely different! (“diet Coke break”). :grimacing: :weary:

Fascinating that. Not in the least surprised. We weren’t born with this dentition to eat lettuce! Still, when you really give it some thought and providing it’s true (and admiring her truthfulness in posting about her change of heart, must have taken some courage’), it does prove how diet can alter things, both for better and worse. The ‘we are what we eat’ holds true it seems. Just goes to show for some people it may certainly be possible to follow a strict migraine diet and stop MAV symptoms. I think it also goes to show that extremes of any kind whether whether food, environment - think ‘work’ , all those fluorescents and computer screens; exercise (too many hours in the gym) etc can, and do cause problems with hormones. Interesting her reference to ‘stress’ too. I was rather surprised though at her physician’s comment ‘ You are in menopause! You have to start HRT!’. Is it compulsory in Finland maybe? Goodness. However did our ancestors manage? Oestrogen wasn’t discovered until the 1920’s. Helen

No I was referring to the Concentration Camp.

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