Venlafaxine ER question

Ok so iM on 37.5mg venlafaxine and its been working really good, but i feel like i need to increase the dose. Can i take 1 1/2 pill daily?

Physically can you? Yes. But talk to your doctor first. I think the max dose of Venlafaxine I’ve seen here is 150 mg, but it might be higher.


yeah, talk to your doctor, actually my neuro said she has had patients on 300mg! and a friend with severe depression was also on 300mg, so there is room for sure to increase.

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Sorry for all the Effexor questions lately but I’m about to meet with my neuro again on Friday and I’m trying to figure out something about starting on this med.

Since it has such a short half life (even if you are taking the XR formula) has anyone has to split their dose so they take it twice a day?

I’m just wondering how this works when you’re first getting on this med and counting very few beads, etc. for example would you take 3 beads in Am and then 3 in PM?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I took all my beads in the morning. The beads in my generic Venlafaxine are different sizes (they’re all super small, but you can see the size difference), which is how it performs the “Extended Release” action. I think if I was going to titrate up again from 0, I’d probably split beads between AM and PM.

At the moment I’m on 112.5mg, and I take 2x37.5 ER tablets in the morning, and 1x37.5 in the evening. Works well.

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Thanks so much Sonny!

Just trying to figure this all out and my doc is not really well informed about these types of questions at all (shouldn’t be surprised at this point given how most get through this with trial and error and talking to others on this website).