Verapamil: AM or PM?

I am going to reduce my Verapamil from 120mg 2x a day to 120 once a day. Giving me a lot of flushing, and a little bit of water retention, and some IBS symptoms too.

So, anyone have an idea of whether AM or PM works better? I emailed doc but haven’t had reply yet. Thought I’d pose the question to the group as well.

Doc says we can try this but he wants to check my BP in a little while. Then, of course he is worried I take too much benzo. Then I start getting anxiety about benzos, my BP goes up, and I take more… :roll:

I’m thinking, after reading some comments on this forum, that this high a dose of Verapamil might be making me light headed, and making me take extra Valium… Did wonders for vertigo when I started it with Paxil but now I am wondering if, since I started right out at such a high dose, I will actually feel better at only once a day.

It just never ends, does it? Or I guess it does but it’s all a matter of trial and error.

Changing to Effexor has stopped the headaches I was getting from the lighting at work. Thank goodness! But of course I am more anxious starting another anti depressant…

Round and round I go.

Thanks for any input. Take care all !! :smiley:

I started verapamil about 3 weeks ago. Immediately, I felt the improvement. My doc had given me the prescription but I was reluctant to try anything new again. Finally after a long week of horrible headaches I gave it a try. I was shocked that it worked so quickly and so well.

Now three weeks later, I am a slug. No migraines or vertigo but I am sleeping 10+ hours at night and still feel tired. Did you have this issue? I’m not sure if its related to the verapamil or not. I went through a few days of insomnia - not sleeping well at night but being very tired.

I am taking a small dose, 60mg, and only in the morning.


Deb that is wonderful you are feeling better! How quickly did you start to notice improvement? Do you have any trouble with walking/balance and did it help with that? How much better are feeling now % ?

I wonder if the sedation will go away if you give it more time? I would try to give it a few more weeks to see if it will go away before either going off it or raising the dose. Not sure about taking it at night maybe that would help?

My symptoms had been sporadic. It used to be just the extreme vertigo but lately it is headache and mild vertigo on a low level and only under stress. I can work at home so I have a lot of control over my environment. I really wanted to try going without preventative meds. BUT I had a solid week of debilitating migraine headaches and decided to try the verapamil. From Day ONE, I felt great! We went on vacation and even with travel, I felt good. Since coming home, however, I’ve noticed the sleepiness. It might have started during vacation but I didn’t really notice since I was taking naps under a palapa on the beach. :slight_smile:

I’m not taking it today to give myself a break. I might try a lower dose to see if it is enough to keep the migraines at bay while not making me a slug.