Verapamil and cancer

Has anyone ever discussed the link between verapamil and cancer with their doctor? I just started taking it and it’s kind of scary to read about this.

“There are several concerns about verapamil that should limit its use to situations where its advantages outweigh the risks. Because of studies suggesting increased mortality from heart disease, verapamil and related drugs in the calcium channel blocker family are not favored in individuals aged 55 and older. One study suggested an increased risk of cancer (about 2 fold) in persons taking calcium channel blockers.” -

I would not worry. their is no details and it states one study… These drugs are tested million sof times with millions of studies…

Verapamil is one type of drug and verapamil’s use of infusion of cancer patients,blood pressure and any other disease’s tablets.The verapamil is also help to improved chemotherapy for cancer.