Verapamil and vitamin D. And verapamil and sleep meds

Hi. I saw a couple things saying Vitamin D shouldn’t be taken along with the verapamil. Anyone know about this? It’s winter in the Midwest so I don’t know how to keep vitamin D levels up now if this is the case.
Also is anyone taking sleep meds like ambien or sonata along with verapamil?

I’ve never heard of Verapamil and Vitamin D interactions. But, I have taken 360mg of Verapamil and 2000 IU of Vitamin D for quite some time and I don’t feel there is any problem. I did have some weird issues with Vitamin D and pulsating tinnitus about a year ago, but it only occurred at a dosage of 10,000 IU and of course it was at a time when my MAV was really nasty.

As for sleep meds with Verapamil, I’ve only ever used Zzzquil and Trazedone, both of which seemed to be okay although I prefer Zzzquil because Trazedone really knocks me out and can give me weird nightmares.

Thanks that is reassuring about the vitamin d. I usually take a 3000 iu but maybe I will just bump down the amount. I have been getting tinnitus as well.
As far as trazodone, it didn’t work well for me, I had to take about 150 to 200 mg to get sleep on it and the next day my anxiety was through the roof with a horrible headache. This was before my MAV started. But I will say I had the coolest dreams ever on it. Felt like an interactive movie.

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Interesting, 50mg of Trazedone and I am completely out. :grinning: My mom takes about 150mg every night though and has for 20+ years.

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