Verapamil chest pain?

Started verapamil 2 weeks ago. It was ok taking half of a 40 mg in morning and night. Then upped to full pill and i got sick during the night twice. Woke me up dizzy, nauseous… but then I started getting chest pain and tightness every time after I took it. Did anyone experience this ? I contacted my doctor but im scared to take it…

Sorry you are struggling. I noticed you spoke of chest pain in your original introductory post. Could be reoccurrence of your anxiety or indigestion even maybe. How long after you take it does it come on? If it’s soon after I would suspect anxiety. Speak to your doctor but as you have recently passed all the tests clear surely it isn’t going to be anything very serious.

I had one of those attacks that are mixed as a panic attack last night. Gosh I hate them. Xanax helped. But to answer the chest pain … it just seemed different. More like a squeezing sensation then what I normally felt. I noticed it would come after id take the pill around 30 mins to an hr.