Verapamil make you tired?

I have been so tired lately! Anyone have any ideas why? Depression? I am on Depakote and Verapamil. Been on them for a bit - wouldn’t have thought they would make me this tired after being on them for a while.

I am new here - and am glad i have found you! Thanks for being around. Tomorrow will be my anniversary of my first MAV attack. WOW - I just realized that. WOW - how my life has changed.


Hi Candy, I took it for about 3 months and got up to 300 mg. It did make me a little tired at the higher doses (above 240 mg) at times. It wasn’t all the time but I definitely noticed it. Ben

Why are you not taking it anymore?

My ankles were swelling badly and I was retaining water and it didn’t help my dizziness, although I did seem to be more active while I was on it. I likely am going to go back to it at a lower dose and add an SSRI.

Yes! I’m tired all the time on 240 mg of verapamil a day…