Verapamil question

I just started taking Verapamil… this is all VERY new to me… this MAV!! Wake up one day NORMAL… the next day… NOT SO MUCH… has anyone experienced the metallic taste in the mouth? ( side effect of Verapamil… I think? ) I sometimes feel like I’ve just picked up a dirty penny and licked it!! ( not that i have ever done that!!! promise!) It won’t go away…

I look at what I’m experiencing and the metalic taste… is the least of my issues!!

Thanks for “getting it”


Hi Kristi,

I was on Verap for about 2 weeks and it just made me massively dizzy. I can’t offer much more on it but you might like to have a read through these past posts by others:

Best … Scott

I did not experience this with verapamil. I currently take 180mg of the extended release tablets. The only side effect I have had with this one is constipation (thankfully) : )