Verapamil SR or 3X a day?

Well, after coming back from a trip to Florida, I am reading to start my next preventative try. It is Verapamil. They want to start me at 120mg/day. Does anyone have any thoughts about taking the SR (sustained release form) vs. non-SR 40mg three times a day. I don’t mind the three a day and will not have an issue remembering but I am looking for the version that would give me the least side effect profile, as like most of you I am med sensitive. Thank you for any thoughts. Ben

Hi Ben,
I was given Normal release verapamil for my heart issues (tachycardia), which is prescribed by my cardiologist not my neuro.
I found it put me to sleep every time I took it, so I asked Him to change it to slow release, and I found more tolerable that way. It’s taken at night, which helps me sleep.


I’m not sure what is best, but I will tell you what my doctor prescribed. I started with 120mg ER at bedtime. Then, added 120mg ER in the AM. Eventually I was taking 240ER AM, and 240ER at bedtime. i since decreased my dose back down to 120 2 times per day since it wasn’t helping. I hope that this works for you.

Hi Ben,

I am also on Verapamil ER or SR and I find it works better for me. Somehow the pharmacy gave me the regular Verap and I began to have heart palpatations almost right away. I called the pharmacy and had this corrected!!! No issue since.