Verapamil, stay on or go off

I’ve been taking Endep for over a year & overall I have had lessened MAV until February this year. Under direction I am now taking Verapamil SR with the Endep. I started 3 weeks ago on 90mg, the first day I had no dizziness but extreme exhaustion. By day 3 dizziness was back. I increased at the end of week 1 to 180mg (as directed) and had no relief at the end of week 2 I increased to 270mg.

Again there has been no real improvement, I find I am really good in the mornings but by lunchtime I start the downhill slide, today being the worst I have had so far. The constant rocking is driving me to distraction and making it impossible to focus or concentrate.

My doctor has requested I keep taking the Verapamil for 2-3 weeks more to see if there is any improvement. But the results are worse than when I was just on the Endep alone.

MAV started in 2008 and was not diagnosed till Feb 2010, have had Propanol stopped immediately after terrible sides / Sandomigran which stopped working after 2 mths, Epilim which never worked, Topamax did not work, then the Endep which I started in Aug 2010 which would work for a while & then lessen & I would increase the dose & go through the same process each time till I got to 125mg.

I am frustrated and I don’t know what to do. It seems so hard to find a drug that works or keeps working. I am unemployed after being made redundant in Dec 2011, I could not find work as I fractured my foot in Dec and now that this is healed and I am ready to get back to work the MAV kicks in again.

I took up study while waiting for my foot to heal and this week it has started to affect that as well. I feel like I have lost my motivation to keep battling this. And I am stressing, with no income, I cannot afford to go back to the doctor let alone pay for new medication all the time.

Can anyone give me advice, do I ride out the next few weeks on Verapamil or do I just let it go and try something else?