Verapamil - when to call it quits

I know we have a thread for starting up but I am most interested in when people decided that it wasn’t the medication for them. I have been on it for 10 weeks now. I took a week to get up to 120 mg and stayed there for about 4 weeks. Then I went up to 240 mg over about a two week period and have been there for about 3 weeks. I am now going up to 360 mg. During this time, I have had no improvements at all. I have had a few side effects, swollen ankles when it is hot out (which is starting to be more constant here on the east coast) and more tired and brian foggy at times. My blood pressure is lower at times but I think it is ok generally, as long as I stay hydrated. I have already been through Effexor and Nortriptyline. Topamax, or maybe Cymbalta, is likely my next try. If I had seen any improvement, I would be willing to continue, but I just haven’t seen anything at all and I am getting frustrated. Thank you for any thoughts. Ben

Hey Ben,
Great post. I will very much look forward to the responses from experienced verapamil users. I am currently on day 30 of verapamil with no results yet. In some ways I feel worse (I think). I was wondering besides the brain fog, what your other symptoms were?

Hi Lisa,

In addition to the brain fog, my usual symptom is primarily lightheadedness/unsteadiness, which is made worse by activity or movement. I also have some sensitivity to light and days where I have flu-like symptoms (headache, mild soar throat, feeling like my face is flush, puffy eyes, voice issues (my voice gets very deep)).

I think my lightheadedness/dizziness may be a little worse on the Verapamil in the sense that I am now lightheaded more frequently when not doing anything (sitting/lying down).