Is anyone taking verapamil?? My doctor suggested I try this but I am kind of unsure about it. What is the difference between this and a beta blocker? I always tend to have low blood pressure and I get lightheaded a lot…so do you think that verapamil would be a bad choice for me? I asked my doctor and he said it shouldnt be a problem but I am still worried.


Hi Ashley,
I was on 240mg of verapamil for a while.
It dosnt seam to lower my BP as much as the beta blocker has.
Propranolol (betablocker) acted fast to lower BP.
my BP is always high.
I think it depends on how LOW you mean your BP get’s.


I have low blood pressure too, but am on Verapimil. I started at 60 mg. and stayed there for 4-6 weeks. After having my blood pressure tested again (which stayed about the same-surprisingly!) Went up to 180mg extended release. I do get lightheaded if I’m bent over and stand up too fast. Other then that the only other side effect I have with this medication is constipation which I have wiped out with daily ground flax seed.

Oh yeah–nothing like propranolol, that med was horrendous!