Hi everyone,
I have been researching some meds and it seems to me that verapamil would be the best fit for me. I heard it is supposed to be the best tolerated??

Is anyone on this? Does anyone have any experience with this drug? And is it helping anyone?

Thank you,

My doctor gave me a script for this as well. If you decide to take it good luck! I was also wondering if anyone was on it?? Any advice or experiences from others would be great?

I’m currently on 180mg. extended release. The ONLY side effect I’ve had with this medication is constipation. It did make a small, but noticable difference for me.

This drug right now has been my saving grace!! I started Verapamil 160 mg extended release a little over a month ago… and I no longer walk like I’m drunk!! I can drive my car again… and am starting back to work next week!! ( therapy starts next week as well ) I’ve had no bothersome side affects… I heard the constipation is a not so good one, so I stocked up on Fiber One bars, cerels with more fiber and eating a lot more green veggies!!

Good luck to you!! Hope you/they find the right med that works FOR YOU!! :slight_smile: