I am supposed to start my verapamil today or Tommorrow and was wondering if it should be taken in the morning or at night? Not quite sure if it keeps you awake or if it makes you sleepy. Also, is it recommended to take with my Effexor or at a different time.

I know I can look up this drug or call my dr but figured mavers know best!!

Thank you and hope everyone is feeling dizzy free today!!

I take a 125 time released first thing in the morning.

I took the time released in the morning as well. I didn’t notice that it had any effect on fatigue or sleep. I really had no side effects from it. It was an extremely easy drug to tolerate. Unfortunately it didn’t help me at all :frowning:

I started Verapamil when I was first diagnosed with MAV in Dec. It stopped my headaches completely and stopped my vertigo attacks. They were seriously violent, with hard spinning and nausea. I started at 120mg and went up to 180 mg after two weeks. No side effects, except constipation and that is a problem. I took it with my dinner at night. It doesn’t affect my sleep. It is an easy drug to be on, or at least, it was for me, and it did me a world of good. I am still on 180mg. Dr. hain wants me to reduce it to 120mg. He said it should be " one mg per pound you weigh" so I weigh 120 approximately so he said I should be on 120 mg. He said he never saw Verapamil do much good at any higher dose than one mg per pound. BUT, I am afraid to reduce it as it works so nice for me now and I am afraid my headache might come back. I probably will reduce it soon, as I should do what he says, I guess. Good luck with it, Mary. Let me know how it goes for you. Meredith Spinning lady