Vertigo and migraine article - Steve Rauch

Hi All,

This is a good write up by Straube and Steve Rauch which really captures the things we have been discussing here for years:

“Historically, migraine has been considered a headache disorder, with a variety of adjunctive symptoms, including ocular manifestations, allodynia, photophobia and phonophobia, and vertigo/imbalance, to name a few … the conventional, headache-centric definition of migraine tends to reduce awareness and importance of the other symptoms and manifestations of the problem … this may well underestimate the prevalence of migrainous dizziness … it is time to consider [size=120]redefining migraine as a global disturbance of sensory signal processing[/size], in which headache is a common manifestation.”


Excellent! Thank you Scott.

Fantastic article but I wish they would address why some people have symptoms 24/7 aswell as attacks of positional vertigo