Vertigo and migraine paper pub in Medicine Today

Hi Scott
I saw my GP yesterday and he had read the paper by Dr Watson, Consultant Neurologist at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney published in Medicine Today. He was quite excited to have such a comprehensive overview and treatment options for the Vertigo & Migraine condition & thought it was excellent. If only I had had this info to take to my doctor over a year ago it would have saved me so much trauma! However, I was really pleased to hear that the GPs would actually read these bulletins & hopefully others will be helped sooner rather than later! Although Dr Watson says that vertigo & Migraine is relatively common I was the first person my GP had seen with it in over 40 years of practice.
Anyway, I couldn’t find your link again so could you point me to where I found it please?
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Hi Barb,

Is this the paper you mean?


Thanks Victoria - the link is on that page.

What is a GP?

Thanks :O)

Hi Barb,

Really glad to hear your GP appreciated the paper. That’s a really big win and one more professional who is on the same page. Here’s a direct link to the paper again for others who missed it:


Just this morning I gave a copy of the article to my second favourite GP and she was stoked - seems genuine about wanting to learn more about vestibular migraine. My favourite GP rolled her eyes last time I brought her some literature so favourite GP spot may soon be swapped! :lol:

I can’t shake a flu and still have the ear migraine issue - GP reckoned they feed off each other.

She also gave me print outs of my latest tests from the Hearing and Balance clinic to take with me to my Granot appointment in February and is chasing up the remainder which are yet to be sent through.