Vertigo Exercise App

Hi Everyone.

I encountered this app called “VertiGo Exercise” but, haven’t tried it yet. I already installed it though it requires to be scanned. I’m just confused on how to scan it using the same phone. Has anyone of you encountered this app and how was the experience? Is a good one or can you recommend me your favorite vertigo app that is user friendly, atleast.

Thank you for your feedbacks.

Does it aim to assist VRT exercises?

Yes it does. And I am just new to it. Have you tried using such? How was it?

Oh, it’s my first time to hear that kind of app. I’m not tech savvy but, I wanna give it a try. Hope someone will enlighten us.

I’ve already figured out how to scan. I installed scanning mat though the features of the VertiGo app is not user friendly, its vague. Let’s try looking for another app, are you actively using one?