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Vertigo: I’m pretty sure it scarred me for life.

I experienced vertigo for the first time back on October 10th of 2018 and again a day later. I’m pretty sure it scarred me for life. I’m still terrified when I get behind the wheel. I get sad when I wake up and realize that life is no longer a happy place. It took me changing 4 different doctors to finally find the right one to diagnose me correctly just this past March. I’m only just beginning to learn about this and how it doesn’t just go away with a magic pill :frowning: my doctor has me on Nortriptyline, verapamil and i just started topamax. I just received my heal your headache book in the mail and can’t wait to read it. Wish I had found out about all of this sooner as I could have been well on my way to recovery by now. Instead, my wedding is this Saturday and I know I’m barely going to be able to even dance. But I’m grateful to have found a group of people like myself that understand what I’m going through. My friends and family have been so supportive but I’m sure deep down they think I’m a space cadet.

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Welcome to the board and good luck with the diet.

Yep, most of us have been there. But you will get your life back!

You are on all three?

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Just don’t let it. You have to be strong. Vertigo cannot kill you unpleasant as it is. I’m living proof of that, I’ve had it eight days continuously every time I opened my eyes so I know. I’m living proof. Get to understand the condition you have developed. Once you understand it, it takes away the fear. Try some preventative meds and, in time, things will improve for you. I’m living proof of that too.

Obviously I’ve no idea where abouts in the World you live but in most countries driving if you suffer with vertigo is not allowed. Here in the UK you’d have to inform the DVLA and surrender your licence until you hadn’t had any vertigo at all for at least three months. Either way you need to clear it with your insurers otherwise you are not covered should you be involved in any accident.

Good luck with the wedding. Be happy you can dance. Lots with this condition couldn’t. So it should be a case of ‘glass half full’ rather than ‘glass half empty’. Have a lovely Wedding Day. Helen


Melina, welcome to the forum!
I can relate to the fear, it is all consuming at times. I would have never in a million years known how horrible “vertigo” was until I experienced it myself.
You’re getting married! What a joyous occasion! So happy for you and that you obviously have a fiance who is supportive and loving even with your condition. Kudos!
Try to focus on the current moment in time and not the past or overthink the future (ie: dancing). Hard to do with the emotional toll this condition takes I know… But that is how I have gotten by and improved over the past year and half, one moment at a time.
Best wishes!