Vertigo sleep shock...Blood pressure and heart effects....neck and back issues

Hi Guys and Gals,

Whats your opinions on the above symptoms and there are probably others that some users have which does not fit into the general MAV folder.

To me there seems to be a whole raft of studying needed by the Medical fraternity on MAV and its associated illnesses. If you go into hospital for a heart issue - the doctors are all on the same page and treat you a well defined route.

Perhaps one of the above - or other symptoms could provide the final answer to what Migraine is and its final solution. Waking you from a deep sleep and triggering various heart and blood pressure issues could point to answers on what is going on in your brain. Study of neck and back nerve impulses to your brain could also point to many users symptoms. We have night sleep apnea studies …why not have night “migraine Vertigo” sleep studies to see what is occuring during our sleep and its effects on our systems.

Im for one am staggered at the lack of knowledge from doctors on Migraines and want to see more research effort…


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Paul, it may not be related, and I didn’t feel any shock, but in the months leading up to my chronic MAV symptoms first rearing their ugly head I had insomnia and used to wake up at 3:30am or 5:30am, which was completely out of character.

These days I am often awoken by symptoms despite the amitriptyline. These aren’t a shock but general discomfort.

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Hi james,I sometimes too wake up sharply but without any pins and needles- I think this could be once again migraine or vertigo triggering us to wake up as the brain is sensing disturbance. It would be interesting to me to do sleep studies on MAV sufferers to try to see the brains electrical activity during deep sleep…

Yes, exactly … so the insipid part is I was waking up months before full on symptoms without knowing why I was waking up … i.e. the symptoms must have already been building up way before the big bang …

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Funnily enough I have had disturbed sleep for many years well before my MAV became full blown. I put it down to possible sleep apnea but thinking about it - could this not be a well defined route for progression of the MAV illness. If this is effecting your heart and blood pressure then long term sleep depravation can not be good for your brain…

I have told every doctor I have seen in the past 12 years about waking up with a painful electrical sensation starting in the centre of my chest and radiating outwards to my extremities and not one of them has had an answer or even a clue where to start looking apart from an ECG which showed 64 missed beats and SVTs which they did not take any notice of!!! I think it is the vagus nerve which has been affected because that controls the autonomic functions of the body and as some of us have heart issues, digestive issues and weird electrical impulses to me this indicates involvement of the autonomic nervous system, ie the vagus nerve which is controlled by the brainstem which is supposedly affected by migraine.


All fits revolving…