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hello all
do you need to have experience vertigo (spinning) to have MAV?
I never had any vertigo but constant rocking and unsteadiness along with occasional pressure in the ears.


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The neuro-otologist who diagnosed me said yes definitely. True vertigo. He also said migraine causes vertigo and he also believed different types of ‘dizziness’ meant different conditions. However since then I’ve come across a lot of people on here diagnosed with MAV who have never experienced true rotary vertigo. MAV has no specific diagnostic tests so it is just diagnosed on a collection of symptoms after eliminating other (generally) more sinister conditions by MRI and other testing. Here we are only a support group so cannot offer diagnoses. A consultant would need to take a much more detailed medical history than you list above before they could offer a diagnosis but your symptoms do seem to indicate some vestibular issue or another. If you have some migraine history could be MAV. You need to consult with the medical profession for further advice. Helen

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Hi all,
I would liken it to having a migraine without having a headache… all very possible with MAV.

Right there with you, no true spinning vertigo just the rocking swaying thing …ear and head pressure often as well

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