Vestibular migraine – Handbook of Clinical Neurology

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This chapter appears in a 2011 volume of the Handbook of Clinical Neurology. Chapter 62 summarises all that is currently known about migraine-vertigo/vestibular migraine.

There are many great articles I’ll be posting on other aspects of migraine here such as current pharmacology and new avenues of research.

“Migraine-vertigo/vestibular migraine is the most common cause of spontaneous, recurrent vertigo in adults.”

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Scott this is great - thanks for all the time you put into posting this stuff for us

Gawd that’s a read. Anything know if there are exciting and different options in Reploeg & Goebel’s 2002 paper on characteristics and treatments in Otology-Neurotology? The names don’t sound familiar.

Thanks for all your hard work Scott.
I’ll be taking this to my Dr, he’s interested in finding out more about my illness.
My aura’s last for over an hour, it’s like I’mm almost always in a state of aura.
in fact I have persistant aura, a yellow and blueish mesh over my vision, it makes my vision double.

I read a lot of that pdf but i didn’t see mention of MAV and 24x7 symptoms. It always seemed to say MAV was episodic. I know myself (and others on here) have a working diagnosis of MAV and suffer from 24x7 symptoms. I wonder why they neglected to mention that in that doc (maybe I missed it).

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I’m resurrecting this post for a while for you guys who really want to get into the more hard core reading on this. The link was lost and I couldn’t find the paper until now.