Vestibular migraine symptoms after a fall

I’m new here. And glad to join this forum for info and support. I’ve been experiencing increasing symptoms of Vestibular Disorder and Migtaine that are worsened by a fall I had a few weeks ago. I have had a lot of periodic dizziness and reason for the loss of balance that resulted in a fall. It really jarred my whole right side and snapped my head and neck. Didnt hit my head but the bouts of Migraines are increasing. Wondering if anyone my age in early 60s experiencing that.


A trauma can certainly cause start up for VM or exacerbate existing condition I’m sure. Assuming you have had tests for concussion, whiplash and other neck damage since hopefully with time it will settle. Welcome to this forum. Sorry this is so short but it’s way past my bedtime. Perhaps we can speak again shortly. Helen

Hey and welcome, the first concern I would have is concussion, they can pose identical symptoms to what most of us have here (my vm started after a concussion that damaged my inner ear), specifically a vestibular concussion. Regardless, take a look at the stickied posts and welcome again, you are at the right place as well all identify with how you feel

Hi again. I’m awake again now and re-read your post, you didn’t knock your head good but you mist probably jarred your neck good and hard which coukd have caused cervical type vertigo. (Not a doctor, you need to investigate further). Any type of trauma causes stress which increases migraine frequency and severity. All warrants further medical intervention as first move I’d suggest. Helen

Thank you. You know I didnt think about that and I’m in between insurance and awaiting new coverage. But I will go back to my Dr. And I have had neck pain too and did wrench my neck and upper back when I fell against a chest of drawers and that probably loosened something like the whiplash i had when i had my last car accident and hit my head then. The reason why i e ended up with Vestibular Migraine. I only got diagnosed with that four years ago. And it was getting better until i had a sudden bout of vertigo a year and half ago and lost my balance and fell again on my right side in a parking lot and fell hard my arm and elbow was broken. I’ve been dealing with recovery of the injured arm and took a year to heal. I couldn’t afford any surgery at that time and have only 60 percent use of my arm but hoping it will get better. I am grateful for your advice. I will follow up on that and get to get some therapy. I started Vestibular Rehab before but I injured my ankle badly and couldnt complete. Yes that injury was due to losing my balance too. I’ve had too many accidental falls in the past several years. This one made me think about what my future will be. And will make some adjustments to create a safer atmosphere and because of my fathers deterioration from Dementia that I’ve gotten rid of things that have been sticking out or loose rugs or anything that I could trip over. Making this a safer home now is essential. So getting rid of excess furniture too and getting rid of the rugs is now something I’m doing to make things safer. And will get a medical alarm when I’m going to be alone in future.

Yes. I have a fistula that was detected after my car accident 12 years ago. I’ve gone thru the proverbial gamut of testing and rehab and physical therapy and any treatments. None took until I found a wonderful specialist a half hour away and he gave me all kinds of tests. The rotational chair etc and was the one who diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraine and Post Concussive syndrome and found out from an MRI that I had also had a mini stroke that showed up. Then I had to go thru more testing and get clearance. I’m thinking of going to a Neurologist next because of other symptoms that could be a cervical problem. I really appreciate the information and the advice and agree this isnt normal for me and needs further medical attention. I agree that it is almost like I have had a concussion. But I assure you didnt hit my head but it was a sudden jarring so I know from past years when I’ve fallen that my symptoms increased. I will be careful. I assure everyone and thanks for your concern. I do know that dealing with a lot of stress doesnt help. I’m taking a supplement that helps with that. And trying to keep my stress down. Very hard when you sre a caregiver to an elderly father in his last stages of Dementia and deteriorating. Thank you again for this forum and support network that I dont hsve otherwise and not even from my own family.

Once you’ve sorted the home, and got medical opinions, eventually might be good udea to try some preventatives to help with the migraines/vertigo if it’s still around. Helen

I’ve had another fall and this time I wrenched my neck but fell forward onto my knees. Injured my right knee more and badly bruised. I cant tell if I’ve done anything more and waiting until next week to get to the dr. But the dizziness is continued and I have to use my cane to walk because of a feeling of unsteadiness. So I’m being very careful and I’ve gotten rid of the boxes I tripped over and fall proofing the house like we did with my mother when she started to fall.

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Hi Julie. Welcome to the forum and thanks for your kind words.

I had a suspected fistula after an injury 4 years ago. I suspect it has long since healed but MAV came on ~6 months after the injury and I still have tinnitus though my balance is fine now. I believe you can get MAV during the healing process after a fistula. It can take years to resolve.

Keep going and hopefully yours will improve. Sorry about your falls. Take care of yourself!

The fistula I was told will never heal completely. And cautioned against flying. I don5 want to take the chance that it could tear more and into my brain. So I have to think about alternatives. The past couple months iv3 been stressed to the max fealing with caregiving problems with my aging father and keeping him in his home while on Hospice. He is now on the decline and he is having more heart issues. And affecting his circulation. I’m dealing with that and keeping up.with expenses. And waiting for financial to improve. I had to straighten out so many things that were causing more symptoms. And loss of balance. I fell twice within a month and just now starting to mend. My balance was affected by the increase in stress. So stress is a big trigger. Not able to do anything right now and I’m debilitated much of the time. Causing an increase of bed rest or not being able to walk properly when I have the full MAV. I’m trying to do things to manage my symptoms better.

That’s very negative from them. I don’t know what evidence they have to support such a statement, as the natural history of fistulas has not been well documented at all as there is not a commonly available and reliable diagnostic, let alone agreement on what constitutes a related symptom.

I think only you will know if it is healing … and I think there are some pointers.

It is my belief that if you have HF tinnitus it is a sign of elevated pressure in your inner ear. If you have that it demonstrates that the fistula has healed sufficiently to maintain a higher pressure. That higher pressure is probably contributing to a healing ‘fluid balancing’ process.

You will also know if you have improved over those 12 years. Have things changed for the better? If so you must be healing.

I think it’s pretty clear that after losing fluid from the inner ear it takes years and years for it to return towards normal.

Elevated pressure within the inner ear can cause neurological fallout and this is what might have made you fall, not any new loss of fluid.

Elevated pressure within the inner ear can cause vertigo by way of increased blood/labyrinth permeability which messes up the inner ear fluid make up temporarily until it settles down again. Vertigo is definitely enough to make you fall.

I no longer get vertigo and my balance is perfect again. My tinnitus no longer increases when bending over (suggesting the pressure has dropped as it is now less hooked up to my Inter Cranial Pressure).

Dear Julie, I am so sorry you are going through this. I have just been diagnosed with VM after a fall as well. I landed on my shoulder off a step ladder, but the vertigo took about six weeks after to start. after a lot of worsening episodes, and trips to the emergency room, they kept me in hospital and did CT and MRI scans of my brain. My life feels like it has come to a halt as I am spending most of my time in bed. I have just started Amitryptaline 5mg at night and I am taking 3 x 30mg cinnazirine, and i am just starting to be able to get up for short spells in the day. The neurologist said it can be quite a minor trauma to trigger the VM’s and that it is like a huge electrical storm in the brain.