Vestibular Migraine vs Migraine without Vertigo

Hi everyone,

The link below shows the results of an experiment to compare “us” dizzy people to those with regular migraine (typically headache as the primary complaint).

It has a small sample size - however it concludes that ALL migraine sufferers have some kind of inhibition of their balance (to put it in simplistic language) but regular migraine sufferers have it too minimal to notice. Unlike us. That’s my interpretation at least.

Any thoughts?

What did they do for you the child when they realized that “iron deficiency” hadn’t nailed the problem?

Hi David,
How have you been feeling now? I keep being told that dissassociation and derealization is part of MAV but also, it can be a symptom of temporal epilepsy. I see in your posting at the bottom, it is written that you have temporal epilepsy. Is there a medication that can help keep the derealization at bay or stop it from happening? It’s so scary for me and I really miss being able to drive. This has taken away my life and independency. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you,