Hey Guys

Forgive me if this has already been posted. But I wanted to make sure I posted it because when I was suffering and had no idea what was wrong, I found this site. But at the time, they did not have mav listed as a vestibular disorder (at least I don think so). I am glad to see there is information regarding mav more and more.

I believe we all have a great opportunity to bring more and more awareness to this horrible condition. My primary doctor was so happy when I brought the information from Dr Fife because she had never heard of it. Now, she can have the ability to understand more of her patients and lead them to a proper diagnosis. I also use twitter to get the word out there.

I hope we can all get better. I know we can. I love some of these videos.

Excellent link - Like you, VEDA was one of the first sites I looked at two years ago & didn’t see anything then that fitted my symptoms.

That’s a great link Mavprincess - thanks!

Have to admit I did a double take though when I saw a rather glib and passing reference to ‘benign orgasmic headache’. Those are three words that should never appear in the same sentence!! Or at least rearrange them so that it’s clear it’s the headache that’s benign, rather than the orgasm. A benign orgasm sounds like a lot of effort for nothing. :lol:

I found that a few weeks ago, it is really helpful I think and I emailed the link to my parents. It shows that more and more the disorder is getting recognised which can only be a good thing! x