Vestibular Therapists: Manchester/North West region (UK)

Hi All, Does anyone know of a good vestibular therapist in the (UK) midlands or Manchester area? Thanks.

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I dont but I’m in contact with an NHS vestibular physio who calls me every 6 weeks. She’s based in Oxford and as I dont drive its awkward to see her in person as its so convoluted getting to her, although she’s offered to see me. She also emails exercises and links to videos I might find helpful. There are also loads of vestibular rehab exercises on Youtube.

Have you used the search function?

Thanks both.
@turnitaround, I searched for “therapists Manchester” which presumably would have missed Dr. Z.
Speaking as an ex-pat Mancunian, I think most people from Salford would be non-too happy at hearing their beloved city being referred to as “Salford, Manchester” ! (Lol). However, Helen was brilliant, bless her, and I miss her insights and wisdom. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No issues! Yeah, search can be pernickety! :sweat_smile: And in any case your Topic can be used to gather NW specialists going forward.

Yes! A great loss for us all :frowning: However I suspect she’s getting them all in order up there in the stars now :star2: :heart: