Vibration s make me dizzy

Hiya,ok does anyone else have rhis but vibrations make me dizzy.especially like today im having a bad day and even talking makes me dizzy(as in the vibration of my own voice!!) anyone else??

Hi Danni.

Yes, that happened to me at the beginning. The vibration from talking used to make me so dizzy. Also, I have an electronic toothbrush, using that used to make me dizzy. It got better. When I’m really bad once in a while, it comes back a bit.

Don’t focus on the sx - hard to believe so many strange things can happen and it’s all migraine :frowning:

Woe!! Really?? I havent found anything about it so im so pleased im not the only one :slight_smile: yes although ive been a migraine sufferer for years and i suppose this has been building up it really kicked off 1st march.Thansk so muxb for your reply x

Yup, really.

And I was a teacher back then (had to stop since then)!!! Can you imagine my head - talking and talking!!!

Arghh that must have been horrendous!! X

Yes! This happens to me whenever I am having an “acute vestibular decompensation” (my Ent’s term). I even had to purchase a different car because the one we had vibrated at a certain frequency. My ENT had me fitted for musicians ear plugs, which has been helpful at times. Other times my voice vibrates into my head when I am wearing them. Unfortunately I just have to stop talking when this is happening. I can no longer sing because of this.

This has made me so happy!! Im so pleased im not the only one with this (although im sorry youre having it too) Do you have a diagnosis of mav?? @Hwlc

Yes I do. I have migraine with visual and auditory and odor sensitivity along with hyperacussis, tinnitus, confusion and the dizziness.
When I am not having a migraine those particular symptoms almost disappear. I have constant remnant vestibular symptoms which i have learned to live with. My ENT (the otologist I saw in desperation who did testing and said “vestibular migraine”, which was a shock to me because I had never heard of it) sent me to vestibular therapy to help with the remnant symptoms. Losing the ability to sing has been a great loss.
I am new to this group since yesterday and overjoyed to find it.

I also have trouble with dizziness and double voice (mine and the caller). I often use speakerphone to help with this Vs having a phone voice vibrating into my head.
Any other group suggestions re: vibratory challenges would be appreciated.

This all satrted for me suddenly on 1st march so im new to it all woth a whole load of crazy symptoms.i never seem to be free of any of them whether i have a migraine(pain) or not.Ive just started meds ro try and help control the symptoms.What other auditory symptoms do you have?? Mine started with sudden 1 ear presusre,incredibly loud tinnitus and sound distoruon and my head pulsing,it happened a couple of times both for 6 ish hours and after the last time ive been left like this.i have so much facial/head tingling and pulsing,dizizness,exhausted like ive never known before xx