Viral relapse?

I’ve had an upper respiratory viral infection and sinus infection for a couple.weeks…I’m slowly recovering. I have worked out for 3+ years and never experienced pre-syncope during my workouts. Has anyone had this happen after virus, or is this something I’ll deal with forever? Exercise is my savior. I hope to God this isn’t permanent. Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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Unfortunately for me too yes.anything other than very light exercise is inflammation for me, same as is cough, colds, water infections or viral infection. It causes minor blackouts, dizziness headpressure sometimes for prolonged periods. I loved exercise it kept my demons away but have had to accept that I cannot do things as before , stay strong Iam sure this is not forever.

I’ve never had a relapse which has made me permanently worse. They come and they go. Some worse than others.

The other feature is that they come less often.

There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!