Vision Therapy

Hi all - I’m wondering if any of you have tried VISION (not vestibular) therapy. An ENT sent me to be evaluated at a head trauma unit dealing with vision issues and I was diagnosed with significant exophoria, which may or may not be related to the symptoms I attribute to MAV. I’m going to be starting therapy for this next week. The doctor seems to think it should help with my disorientation regardless of if this is MAV or not, as I do have the exophoria.

He also probed me to try and come up with any suggestions on what might have been going on when this started – and when I mentioned I got the flu shot for the first time in my life about 5 days before I woke up to unrelenting dizziness, he said I am not the first patient he’s seen who has told him this. Upsetting, if that’s true, but not much I can do about it I suppose except move forward.

Anyway, just curious if anyone else has tried this form of therapy and what their experience was. I am also about a month and a half into a trial on depakote and though my mood has improved, I’ve been feeling worse the last few days as far as fatigue/disorientation :frowning:

This is interesting…I never knew what this was, but I know my eyes are my big trigger…and I feel that one of them turns a bit at times…like when I"m tired. But no doctor has ever seemed to notice, so I thought it might just be a fluke.
I will look into it further. Thanks for the info!
Sorry the depakote not doing the trick…Did you ever try Lamictal? I think many doctors are finding it an easier drug as far as side effects and I know some people on it for bipolar and one for siezures, and they both love it. Just FYI

Kelley, it apparently is not something easily seen or noticed on a normal eye examination. I went in for 2 hours of testing at this particular center. The doctor said it’s pretty significant in my eyes, and was surprised I never had a problem before this. He thinks I should’ve been a candidate for vision therapy as a kid.

I had a couple days where I was feeling slightly better on the depakote (and I definitely have seen some improvement in my mood), so I decided to hang out a bit with it. The doc suggested I increase again to give it a true trial, but now I’m feeling particularly crappy again and not too motivated to do that. I think I’m going to stick with the low dose I’m on for another week or so before making a decision to keep going (and increase) or try something else.