Hey all, I’ve mentioned before how so much of my dizziness comes from my eyes…how many people identify with gaze instability, i.e. things shift and flicker and move when I look at them and they should be still…also light sensitivity, as in I need sunnies all the time…???

Hi DL,

That has been a problem for me – more so in the past. I was never able to hold distant objects still in my visual field. I still can’t handle the newer retina displays on Macs – instant visual vertigo. :shock:

YES exactly that!!! It drives me nuts!!! That’s really good to know yours passed. I swear it’s where 50% of my dizziness comes from!!

Yes 100% I am really sensitive to light. I always carry my sunglasses.

I get blurry vision, Glare/flare, I am unable to focus on something for more than a couple of seconds. It’s better than it used to be but i still get it.

if i look at a small light i see this

Yeah I get that glare, but actually I think I’ve had that all my life, even pre-dizziness…my vision feels all warped and odd. I sometimes even wear my sunnies in the rain it’s that bad, people must think I’m nuts!! xx

I’m with you ok this lizzie… The visual vertigo is my main problem…

Using screens for anything more than 30-45 mins leaves me feeling motion sick and a migraine headaches kicks in. My vision feels constantly strained and It seems like constant pressure behind my eyes. I’ve spent 6 months having scans and tests believing that it was my sinuses causing my eyes problems but turns out to be MAV.

I work in IT and must get my eyes working better so that I can return to work- it’s very frustrating. When this cleared up for me the first time all of these symptoms disappeared. I so want that feeling back again.

That sounds tough Dean. The visual stuff affects me but not as severely as many on here. My partner works in IT and when I looked at some of the computer programming code he uses I felt dizzy just looking at it for a few seconds. Hope you get it under control x

Thanks Jem. Although I’ve had this for 8 months now this is first time be been forced out of work. I tried going back this week but the screens just led to severe migraine. I’ve ordered some migralens glasses mentioned on another thread. They work by cutting the red and blue light which triggers migraine.

Fingers crossed that helps.

I have problems with this. It definitely fluctuates week to week for me, being far worse when I am worse in general. I have a lot of nystagmus and see things shake, and when I walk or chew everything vibrates all over the place. Sometimes I have to close my eyes while eating to keep from getting extra dizzy from the visual input. I believe it’s called oscillopsia, but I could have my terminology mixed up. I am photosensitive as well, I think it’s pretty par for the course. So far, my new fl-41 tint glasses are helping with that - much more than regular sunglasses for me.

Hi Everyone,
I can relate to all your posts. I get the shaky vision 24/7, shimmery edges in everything, the glare, the dizziness from the eyes, nystagmus etc. I can understand you Dean when you say that the computer bothers you. I need to use one for work too.

Has anyone found a med or VRT to help at all?? I have found the meds make my vision blurrier but the shaking continues…

Brookie x

Hi Brookie.

Regarding the VRT I absolutely swear by it but once you hit this migraine state most people can’t tolerate it or it simply does not work. I think that when the brain gets into this overloaded state it cannot relearn to process the bad signals.

During my first 6-8 weeks spell of labs, I started VRT and started improving day on day. I would notice the ringing in my ear gradually dissapear over this period until one day it stopped completely. My mood and positivity would also noticeably improve along with it, then one evening we were watching a film and I said it my Gf, do you know In actually starting to feel better. The brain fog cleared, I could breate clearly through both nostrils, the derealisation cleared up. I couldn’t believe it.

I believe it was mentioned on one of the papers on here that migraineurs don’t tolerate VRT as it makes symptoms worse then brings on a migraine. I would say this is true as for 7 months I was able to do it, but since the migraine attacks have hit and my brain is super sensitive I can’t seem to telerate it anymore.

I may go back to the gaze stabilisation excercises to see if I have any joy. It may be worth mentioning to your specialist before commencing to see what their views on it are. I will mention to Dr S next time I see him

Although I did find this… … e-vrt.html

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Hey all, I’ve mentioned before how so much of my dizziness comes from my eyes…how many people identify with gaze instability, i.e. things shift and flicker and move when I look at them and they should be still…also light sensitivity, as in I need sunnies all the time…???

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Exactly what i have… i have loads of floaters from previous inflammation in my eye which doesn’t help either! shifting and when i walk my vision bounces and everything looks super - high definitition and spacey


What kind of prior inflammation? I have had several cases of central serous retinopathy in my right eye (retina develops a blister that leaks and interferes with field of vision) and I see things with lines, squiggles, wavy and smaller that they are supposed to be (kind of like a passenger side mirror :lol: ). Makes things really challenging and lots of fun! Picture one eye being in a fun house all day long.


Hi Lizzie,

Yeah, I have had problems with shifting vision a lot. I have something called pulsatile oscillopsia and my vision bounces with my heart beat. The good news is that my brain has over time got really good at filtering it out and I barely notice it any more. In fact I just had to concentrate on looking at some horizontal blinds to check if I still have it (I do) as I’d not noticed it for quite a while.

Count me in on this! I just posted a similar topic about my vision issues. My 24/7 “new” normal vision since 2009 has been static, BFEP (blue field), afterimages, shaky vision, vibrating vision, lines will vibrate like a guitar string. The white stripe down my dogs head will vibrate or my carpet will look like it has glitter flashing and dancing on it. I also have an absurd amount of floaters. Recently when I am driving I feel like I am sitting still and the world is coming at me. When I cross over cross walks the lines look like they are moving. I am also experiencing an off balanced feeling when driving and getting out of the vehicle for several minutes. Also, when reading or seeing certain things it seems like things want to morph together… like the top row of a sentence will look like its slowly flowing right and the bottom row of text will look like its flowing left.

I was diagnosed with Basilar migraine for my daily migraine which happened after I had my son in 2009 and tried restarting prozac. The verapamil helped with the migraines. When I went off of it these dizzy symptoms started creeping in and vision started getting worse. I get maybe 2 migraines a month now around my cycle, but that is it. I have chronic neck pain especially when driving or working at the computer at my work. I was recently diagnosed with Bilateral vestibular hypofunction, worse in my right ear (which has tinnitus). I often wonder if it it something with my neck… although I have had MRI’s. CT etc. I get dizzy when picking up my son and holding him or sitting on the ground looking down at my lap top…

I have been doing VRT and feel like I am getting worse… Is this normal for MAV’ers? I am dizzy after I do the exercises where as I wasn’t dizzy before starting them. I have heard it gets worse before it gets better, but this has been since 2009 and I have more symptoms now than I did then, expect I no longer have the daily migraine. Can you have MAV without the head pain?

I am seeing my neurotologist on Wednesday to see about MAV.


your 24/7 symptoms sound like persistent migraine aura or persistent aura without infarction a diagmosis listed in the IHS list of specific disgnosises but its so rare that no treatment has been looked into though a team of researchers hsve put together a study and are coming out with the results in august this year dr schankin and dr goadsby. if u need support for your vision plz consider joining the visual snow group on facebook. its a private group. i have thhe same sympoms as u and so do the rest of the people onn that ggroup.

Hi Nabeel, I am apart of that group and actually flew to CA to be in the study. I have more symptoms than most on the board. I get migraines and have migrainea with just the dizziness when I am around my triggers, like fluorescent lighting. :wink: