Visual dependance

Is it true that if you have VM you are depending more to your vision? How can you check that?

Close your eyes and walk in a safe environment or walk in the dark to see if you are more imbalanced than with the eyes open.

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I have done this and I am not having any problem, also I tried to stay still with my leg only on the ground and my eyes closed and I had perfect balance. Wtf is going on?

I have VM and never had problem with closed eyes or darkness. Infact I love darkness as I am light sensitive.


I feel like I am losing my balance when I walk outsode or looking random stuff when I am sitting especially when I am focusing. It feels like someone is hitting me in the head, my vision flickers a bit and then comes back.

Not necessarily. Visual Vertigo is far more likely to occur in people who ate highly visually dependent. You don’t have to be visually dependent to develop Vestibular Migraine(VM).

If you can stand on one leg Eyes Closed and without holding on or flapping your arms about for support, at your age for approaching one minute, and you can do this on either/both legs and you can walk about in the dark or blind-folded, you aren’t visually dependent. That doesn’t stop you having VM. It’s also a great advantage for dealing with balance issues the VM can cause you.

That’s most probably Visual Vertigo where your brain is overwhelmed with information coming from around you which it’s struggling to process correctly because of the VM. Helen

Thanks for explaining it for me reqlly appreciate it. I have one weird symptom when I sot on a chair without having my legs on the ground I feel like I lose my balance. I think this common with VM am I right?

You’re very welcome. I think it is a common symptom more particularly amongst people with VM whose balance is largely unaffected, like you. They are often more uncomfortable sitting than moving around whereas those whose balance is more affected, like me, tend to feel the imbalance more when walking and are generally more comfortable sitting down. I’ve observed this through reading people’s comments over time.

VM’s a strange thing. Affects everybody slightly differently. I was told to ‘expect anything to happen’ and that’s just about how it goes. Although it’s fascinating trying to work out how certain symptoms come about, if you start worrying about every symptom as it happens you really will drive yourself crazy. With regard to your specific query your brain is obviously relying on your feet for information so that it can work on keeping you upright so your having two feet flat on the floor helps. Feet can and do play a large part in balance. Helen

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Just to mention that all this balance testing has been done while I am on meds. Sometimes I feel better when I move, sometimes when I am still. Indeed I am driving crazy. My most annoying symptom is my vision that’s why I have asked about the visual dependance. I dont understand if I am experiencing over stimulation problem or visual vertigo or my vision sucks cause of her hard work to keep me balanced.

Doubt anybody else would know either. If the neuro said VM, could well be VM. That’s a form of sensory overload in itself. Just looked up an article on ‘over stimulation’ and it would seem treatment options are pretty similar. Reduce/Avoid Triggers, relaxation/mediation/yoga type stuff and so on. Perhaps you should take up Tai Chi/martial arts. Introduce something new to distract yourself. Time for a rethink maybe. Helen


The neuro was a bit fast with my diagnosis because I said him I did so many tests with no results (I never did a spinal tap just mentioning it). That’s what an ophthalmologist said to me ‘you have overload your sensor system with so much gaming and staying awake many hours’. 4 months already and I am still overloaded lol. I cant distinquish the triggers yet. The only trigger I found but I have already get used to it(if this is even possible) are all the screens except of the pc monitors. The only thing I do to calm a bit is swimming but it makes me a bit more dizzy.

Tai Chi is great for dumping any nausea I found and calms you down. Sorry: off topic

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