Visual distortions ? Visual symptoms ?

Hi everyone, I am wondering what are your visual symptoms with VM?

I’m experiencing a lot of of visual disturbances such as seing moving in the corner of my eyes, seeing like a heat wave and seeing lines curve.

Anyone can relate?


Your symptoms are very common. Please do a search on this site. You’ll find loads of posts related to visual phenomenon.


They are called migraine aura


I’ve had a few of these things. Once the carpet was moving slowly, like bulging in and out or twisting. Another time I saw a colored spots that looked like spiders climbing the walls. And yes, sometimes heat waves. It didn’t happen all that often for me, but it was enough to fuel more anxiety for sure. :grinning:

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I have visual stuff 24/7. It’s just part of MAV life, like the constant tinnitus in my ear. It’s like living inside a casino or an acid trip - a big Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas joy ride.


Yes,visual disturbance are part of my symptoms. Seeing movement out of the corner of your eyes, seeing colors, tilted and wobbly vision Ad @flutters pointed out it’s very trippy I just went for a mile walk and everything was really wobbly. Almost didn’t make it home. Yesterday was the opposite. Every day is different for now.


Today I was walking outside and the trees looked like they were bending… it freaked me out.

I’m glad to hear that those visual symptoms are part of VM. It’s a huge relief to know that this is “normal”. I simply hope they will leave and I won’t be stuck with them for the rest of my life.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I walk in a park where there are tall street lights and they are oddly curved to begin with. With my current vision,it would exaggerate the curvature and confuse me. I keep going back to the park and over time my brain has figured out the true shape of the street lights and they no longer bend. Slow exposure and adaptation to environment has helped me in certain situations.


For me, my vision constantly warps like I’m tripping on acid. Sometimes it even becomes slightly grainy and I’ll get a couple of small black dots in my field of view. I actually didn’t really notice these symptoms for a few months, as they didn’t cause me any distress. They sure are trippy though. :upside_down_face:

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@Rose Exactly! For me it’s a 24/7 symptom which is why I disagree that it is aura. For me it is more like someone who has 24/7 dizziness. It doesn’t come and go, it is ever present and therefore a symptom? It’s disturbing for every time you turn your head to the right, things curve to the left. When you turn your head to the left, things curve to the right. It makes me consider VOR issues. I had 2 colonic tests that showed no issues? I’ve been on meds two weeks so hopefully in a month or so I’ll have some improvement.

Colonic? Maybe you mean calorific?

Yes, I get really strange visual sensations. Looking at something still and it seems to be slightly moving and swaying. If I look at something with a busy pattern like a fabric that can really trigger it.

I’ve seen others post it is like being on acid. I feel the same way! It sucks but kind of nice to see I’m not the only one. I’ve described it as being on a bad trip that doesn’t go away

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Yes, I meant caloric test. Spell check got me :joy:

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Oscillopsia? Very common with all vestibular conditions I understand.

Very migraine diagnostic that one.

I agree, perhaps oscillopsia. The question is, can it be MAV related or is it strictly vestibular damage?

imho MAV is vestibular instability. That’s the root of it. It’s not damage per se I suspect.

Thank you all for your input. Please let me know if you have more info, opinions , or experience with this. Everyone has been so helpful. Thank you!

I think aura could maybe cover it if you’re status migraine, which is presently the only way to categorize chronic MAV using standard migraine terminology. Perhaps it’s constant low level dysfunction rather than the more obvious big pain, blinding aura stuff. I get both and more with brain stem auras. I’m not convinced MAV is well described by lumping it in with regular, single issue migraine sufferers. I think we have more in common with something systemic like MS or fibromyalgia - inflammatory autoimmune conditions. Just calling it aura would mean I’ve had a continuous migraine for five years, which is maybe the case. That speaks to the lack of understanding of what actually causes MAV. I have very active visual snow and a high whining tinnitus 24/7, and short or long, often daily, episodes of things a lot more hallucinogenic and trippy. I literally tripped yesterday over a visual artifact that wasn’t there. For just a second, the space from one step to another, the ground in front of me simply disappeared. A stumble, a brief flash of terror, and the grocery store parking lot went back to being itself - but I gained a sharp increase In photosensitivity and an axe to the frontal lobe splitting headache that lingered.

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Hi Flutters,
Thank you for the input. I’ll certainly take it under advisement. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself and I hope you are feeling better! It surely sounds like you have a lot going on and are obviously incredibly strong. Please stay positive.

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To any witnesses it looked like I tripped over my feet. A little bobble but I didn’t fall this time. I don’t mind most of the visual stuff. I’ve had MAV a long time. It turns out you can get used to nearly anything. Sometimes my ‘extras’ are truly beautiful (before the inevitable nausea gets going). And surreal vision reminds me there’s mystery and magic in the world.