Visual disturbance - am i the only one with that?

Since 2007, i have had weird visual disturbances : camera flashes, car lights and other sources of artificial lights stay printed in my eyes a lot longer than it used too.

I also see like a “ghost” of my arm following it, as if the image stayed printed in my eyes or brain for too long. So i see 20 blurred and transparent images of my arm, kinda like a watermark, each of them at different stages of the movement. This also happens with carlights when it’s dark outside, and i end up seeing 20 times the same light at different stages of the movement when i turn my head. Another example is when i move my iphone in a dark room. I end up seeing a big wide ray of light because the images of the movement stay printed in my vision. Anyone knows what it’s called?

They are worse when the lights fade or when i leave a dark room and there is lots of light or the opposite. Seems to be related to change in light intensity. Sometimes i have it every day, sometimes not at all for a couple of days. I also feel like i can never focus really well on what i read. I had many eye exams and they did not find anything. The neuro-ophtalmologist said she’s seen a couple of cases like mine (the visual stuff) but doesn’t know exactly what causes it and what to do with it.

I don’t know if there is a clear connection with vertigo or migraines. however when i have tension in my neck, it seems to be worse.

Hi. The condition where a retinal shadow lasts longer than normal is called palinopsia.

I have it but not to the degree you do. My doctor said that if you can find a medicine that works on reducing MAV symptoms it may include the visual ones.

My best ~ Molly

Wow… thank you so much! I have been looking for a name for what i have for a long time and had never found it before. You really made my day! :smiley:

I just found this… very useful to show to our friends when we try to explain our symptoms :slight_smile:!

That was an interesting video. Thank you for posting it.

I think that out of all the MAV symptoms the two that bother me the most are the visual ones and the fatigue. Of course, the fatigue is always worsened by how bad the visual symptoms are and visa versa! It’s a maddening disorder.

Wishing you well ~ Molly

To me vertigo crisis and palinopsia are the two most disturbing symptoms of my migraines. It is stressful to walk outside at night when all the lights start leaving trays. But i am so relieved to see i am not the only one with that (although i feel your pain and wish you didn’t have it!)… the lack of understanding of some people around me is as irritating as the symptoms themselves. how long have you had palinopsia? Has it gotten better, same or worse with time? Me it started in 2007 and it has varied with time… i have had more in the past few months but i know i had some episodes without any so i keep hoping :slight_smile:

luckily i dont have what you described but when looking at a large pattern of bricks ill sometimes see a banding going across it, not sure how to describe it but it hurts my eyes to look at the pattern. same with checkered tableclothes. i also hate light and wear my sunglasses quite often.

hey everyone, here’s a post outlining how I cured my palinopsia:

Yes I had that! Weird trails and after images. Flashes and halos and coloured lights. Very weird. It went away with the meds but I still get a bit in bad days. But fear not! It does go when the migraines go.
Good luck!

Which presumably means it is a symptom of the migraine just as say sound sensitivity or head pressure would be.

correct - it’s “just another migraine symptom”!