Visual Disturbances

Just wondered if anyone experiences problems with their eyesight? My eyes are struggling to focus on things at the moment, especially when I am at work looking at the computer screen. Over the last few days I have beeen having dizziness again (after feeling ok for a week, and thinking the medication was finally working), but have not had a headache with this attack, just started to feel weird in the head and had a lightening fork kind of blur in one eye and been feeling really sick. But since then my vision has not been quite right. I am starting to get concerned and am thinking of going back to the docs to maybe change my meds and try something else? I am on propranolol at the moment.

HI Rachael,

That sounds like classic migriaine aura (scintillating scotoma, fortification spectra etc). Check out what Wikipedia says (includes pictures).


Hi Rachael,
I have problems with my vision , most days everything I look at looks is similar to this picture , but moving much slower.

I also have a perminant visaul aura that is a golden spider web
and double vision

about persistant aura … ex_en.html

Hi Rachael,

When I’ve attacks going on my vision can be really blurred, far more than the usual. It becomes impossible to read labels on things unless I hold the item miles away. And even then I sometimes can’t read it and keep thinking I need a magnifying glass!


Hi Rachael

Yes I have a lot of vision problems too. I’ve never really got to the bottom of them. My visual acuity can change drastically from day to day, even hour to hour. The optician thinks I’m a nightmare! My eyes get blurry, at times feel very tired, have difficulty with focussing, all sorts of things. The latest idea is that I have a minute muscle imbalance in my binocular vision which the optician tells me can cause both headaches and dizziness. I guess that may contribute to the MAV problems but I feel that MAV itself brings its own vision symptoms.


Ever since my MAV hit, I’ve had vision problems. They are more disturbances if you will: seeing somewhat unclearly at times, sparkles or grainy/snowy vision, floaters, highly sensitive to light. Sometimes at night when I try to sleep and my eyes are closed I have what I call electrical disturbances that I “see” - yellow sparks or streaks in my vision with my eyes closed. These are all on their own, separate from when I have an actual migraine attack and have aura issues.

Bcrelief, I’m so relieved to hear of someone else who has what you call electrical disturbances when you’re going to sleep with your eyes closed. I do too, have done for the last few months, and I must say I find them a bit disturbing. Any idea as to why they occur, apart from them being yet just another weird symptom of MAV?


Snowy vision and peripheral ‘waves’ that eventually move in to cover my entire vision. The waves thing is sort of blury pixelation. I deal with ghosting, as well. For example - someone is across the table, gabbing with me. They move and the after-image follows them. You’d think I used to drop acid or something. LOL

Hi Bcrelief and Brenda,

This is so weird about the closed eye/night time/pre sleep electrical fuzzy flashes. I’ve been having them too for the past few weeks. The first few times I thought it was scintillating scotoma but “The Migraine” never came. Now I just kind of watch with detached interest before falling asleep. Odd.


Vic - I’ve gone one step further than detached interest: I get a kick out of it! :smiley:

The other night I saw an electric squiggly circle that started big but closed in and got smaller, then disappeared, then another one appeared and did the same thing, and so on…

I’ve had other patterns I can’t recall right now, but I never connected it to migraine. I just assumed it happened to everyone when they closed their eyes at night. A little bedtime light show.