Visual lurching

Out of all of my symptoms, lurching is the worst, can anyone relate to this?
It comes randomly with a head or eye movement and feels like your visual field shifted, or like you just dropped a couple of feet. Ill get at least a few a day but on a bad day or when tired they can become quite frequent. When they come I always get an adrenaline rush. You can kinda replicate the feeling by looking down and up quickly or by shifting a pair of glasses up and down quickly whilst wearing them. It also feels like someone is pressing on my brain slightly when this happens, kind of odd but I think lurching is the perfect name for it. I also like to call it the heebie-jeebies cos it always makes me shudder. If anyone else gets this, can you confirm whether it comes on head movement alone or can you get it when your head is perfectly still and you only move your eyes (as well).

I’ve had this lurching thing, but my motion is more of a “perceived” motion, a sudden jolt like my brain is telling me there is motion, but my eyes don’t necessarily agree. It’s hard to describe. Lately my right eye had started to twitch again, setting off this symptom.

I know what you mean precisely

Kind of similar to what I’m feeling. I get what feels like a real “push” in my brain, like a zap or jolt and for a second I feel like I’ll fall over. Is this a migraine symptom?

Yep I know what you mean by the push in the brain, I have tried explaining this many times, it feels like your vision field just drops or swings, like youve dropped a few feet really quickly and then it returns to normal right? This is by far and always has been the worst of my symptoms, I find it scary. Do you find its triggered by random eye movement and head movement? I think I’ve heard someone describe it before like your brain in lag, so catching up with the visual information its just received, like something is out of sync. I don’t know, lets try to find out?