Visual Snow

Thank you Adam for this Forum - it’s been a sanity-saver for me, at the very least, and possibly a “life” saver. meaning, info gleaned from fellow members is helping me put my life back together.

I came to this forum via Wikepidia, whose entry for Visual Snow contains a link to here. Although I have not yet read all posts, I have come across no mention of visual snow. I’m wondering if anyone else suffers with this complaint - how prevalent is it among MAV sufferers?

Thanks for the input.

Hi there

I do get visual snow and have done for many years - I remember first associating this with flourescent lighting - but now it is clear that if I am with migraine or building up to one that the fluro lighting or any bright or flashing lights just makes the snow worse for me. I also get snow going from bright to dark - or after rushing but it is all linked to the migraine condition.

If I have a visual migraine (one where I get 40 minutes bad visual disturbance, blind spots, zig zags, double vision preceded by a bad migraine) at the end of the zig zag movement which travels right around my visual field in one eye I then have that replaced with ‘snow’. That eventually fades.

With my other migraines when I get auras, but not the 40 minute aura right before the migraine headache, I may have snowy vision for up to 48 hours before getting a migraine headache, sometimes I don’t get the pain at all.

I hope I haven’t rambled on as I am a bit confused due to a migraine today!