Visual Vertigo

I suffer from MAV and it is only bad, when sitting in front of a computer. Since this is my job – I have tried to find some preventive medicine.
So far I have tried these (listed under) – with little to no help. I have no idea what to try next. Can anybody with the same sort of visual vertigo please come with some suggestions?
Thank you so much…


Try an SSRI such as Celexa. S

Have you ever tried filter glasses? There is a current theory that migraine conditions can relate to a non-visual pathway in the eyes (“intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells”) that is preferentially sensitive to blue light (peaking around 480nm). So filters which block blue light can help reduce the effect. I’m currently trying the amber DUCO “computer eyeglasses” and they do seem to help (including during a severe visual vertigo attack when putting them on as a symptomatic relief measure made a big difference). There are also the rose-grey FL-41 (or PLS-41 in the UK) tinted lenses, which are supposed to be tailored to this condition, and which I know some people on here have found helpful.

Amitriptyline @20mg eliminated almost all my visual vertigo and over time the remainder has dissipated. I’m personally convinced that a main cause of visual vertigo is a disturbance somewhere in your vestibular sense array, and that can often be your inner ear.

Remember this: what you see is NOT directly from your eyes. You see a virtual model created by your brain from a combination of your senses. When a sense is disturbed somehow the brain can incorrectly interpret that and adjust the model incorrectly; that is why patients with an inner ear disturbance get a rocking sensation. The world is apparently rocking because the two ear signals are unbalanced and one of the signals is somehow corrupted. The brain is interpreting this as if there was no disturbance.

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