Vitamin B2

Aloha Guys,

I don’t know if any of you have been told about B2. Last year, I went to my neurologist when I was 1st diagnosed with MAV, she wanted me to try nortiptyline and 400mg of B2 everyday. I started to do it but then stopped because they were horse pills and I hated taking them! Well…I was doing good for a while and I thought it was from the Nortriptyline but then, after a while, I started with the migraines and the vertigo spells again. I decided to try to find a smaller pill of the B2. I found smaller tablets (100mg each) and I increased the Nortriptyline per my doctor. After about a month, I was really noticing my headaches were decreasing, and I had only 1 very small and short Vertigo attack. I decided to go on a limb and get off my prescription and just try the vitamin. Well, I have been taking the vitamin religiously for about the last 3 weeks and I have not had a vertigo spell in maybe a month and a half and I had my 1st migraine today(menstrual related - very minor - I took Ibuprofin and it went away). Definitely talk to your doctor before getting off any meds. I thought I would share my story because I think it’s worth talking to your doctor about B2. I hope this helps everyone!

Have a great weekend all!