Vitamin B6

my bloodwork showed slightly low - barely but still i think it’s because i don’t eat as much spinach since i thought that was a migraine trigger but maybe it’s not.

Do you think it would hurt to take a super small dose supplement of B6 by itself>? I know that if it is low it can cause anxiety


B6 made me feel worse and spinach gave me vertigo an hour after eating it, it contains a very high level of histamine, which might have had something to do with it.

But that might just be me :?


The B vitamins are super important for metabolizing proteins into serotonin…you should take them all. Could also help your depression. Google Folate and Depression, and you will see a lot of info about it. I thought that might have been my problelm, but turns out I have 4x the normal range of it in my blood…strange!

My B12 is fine so i didn’t want to take more of that. I take a multi with plenty of stuff in it but still end up taking extra things. Too bad they can’t customize multis to everyone so that you get enough of everythign without having to take extra D and extra Calcium, magnesium, etc.

i don’t want to take too much but i’m taking a little bit of B6. after i read it could cause anxiety if low i thought shoot what the heck i’ll try it…