Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil

Discussing Vitamin D deficiency recently as a cause of vestibular symptoms, combined with concern about Covid and it being winter in a lot of places made me think of taking Cod Liver Oil.

Apparently brands prepared from wild fish are best.

Here’s a good article on brands available in U.K. (but the discussion is surely relevant wherever you live as issues are the same):

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Unfortunately gives me severe reflux, always did.

Interesting the link with Covid though. Remember reading about the adverse effect having low Vitamin D was having on Covid patients and somehow got the impression it was Covid specific but now it seems not. Read a paper very recently which long predates Covid and apparently low vitamin D is the strongest indicator that anybody taken into ICU for any condition whatsoever who happens to be Vitamin D deficient has a very much lower survival rate than a person with normal levels.

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Get out of the house everyone!

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Just in case anybody wants to check it out. Has a neat little section all its own.

One tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil = 1300IU Vitamin D.