Vitamin D & Riboflavin - suddenly make the symptoms worse?!

Hi All.
So I’ve been taking 400UI Vitamin D and 400mg Riboflavin daily for about a year now and have been pretty stable apart from a few very minor setbacks which lasted about a day or two and then back to normal.

About a month ago I had an “episode” - I wouldn’t call it a full-blown attack, but definitely something happened and I am so-so since then.
A couple of days after it happened I took a few days break from the vitamins, thinking that they may somehow be related.
About 3 days later I saw that I was feeling better, and started taking them again. 2 days later - again some dizziness and a feeling of floating and rocking, some mild headache.
So I stopped taking them again, and what do you know, a few days later, somewhat fine again.
I’ve been to the ENTs last Wednesday and he said he is not aware of these vitamins being able to cause dizziness or instability issues and suggested to try to take them again.
So it was fine for a couple of days and, unfortunately, since yesterday I’ve been feeling off, slightly heavy-headed and unstable, with some pressure behind the eye and headaches.

I should note that on these “breaks” from the vitamins I have experienced some light headaches, but without the other issues, so initially I thought that maybe the riboflavin actually helps, but it seems I’m getting headaches even when i take it…

My question is, has anyone else experienced issues with these vitamins, or any other vitamin for that matter, after a year of taking them without issues?
I understand that overdosing on these two is very rare, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

The current diagnosis I have is Meniere’s/Hydrops, with the ENT suggesting it’s possible I also have vestibular migraine, so I’ve also tried to “isolate” it and have avoided other known triggers during this past week or so.


Riboflavin is water-soluble. This mean when you take too much, your body gets rid of it in your urine.

Vitamin D, however, is not water-soluble and it will be stored. If you have been taking Vitamin D for a year, maybe you have too much Vitamin D in your body? If you google Vitamin D toxicity, you’ll find lots of interesting articles.

There is a simple blood test to check how much Vitamin D you have in your body, it might be worthwhile getting this test done.

You’re taking the macimum “safe” dose of vitamin d, it’s recommended you don’t take more than 4000iu daily. I’ve just started taking 2000iu. I don’t know why you’re taking a high dose but it’s not usually necessary unless you have a severe deficiency. I would stop taking both vitamins for 3-4 weeks, see how your symptoms are and then start taking just one of them again ,see how you go on for a few weeks before adding the other. I don’t think having just a few days break is enough to judge if it’s causing the worsening of your symptoms.

I’m actually taking 400, not 4000.
I am planning to stop taking vitamin d for now, Ill take the blood test to see the levels but am planning to stop it, will continue only with the Ribo for now

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Ah ok. Good luck.