Vitamins cause quick, bouncy sensation?

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me before. I bought a multi-vitamin that had “energy” benefits, took it a few days (always take my vitamins at night as they make me feel sick) and it made me feel like i was jumping up and down really fast on a trampoline, or being shaken in a bottle when I was laying down. It was awful. So, ditched those.

I really like taking prenatal vitamins, even though I’m not pregnant and started new ones a few weeks ago and surprise! It hit again last night! Any ideas? Could it be Vitamin B?

I have MAV as well as MdDS so not sure if my brain is reacting weird to something? Would love to hear any advice because I need to take vitamins as my immune system is not very good.


I often get a jittery feeling from energy vitamins, like B complex mixes and I’ve noticed it from the ginkgo biloba I’ve added to my supplements the last few days. But I get relief from that when I lay down.

Do prenatals have exta B vitamins? I thought it was extra folic acid and iron typically, but I can’t remember. Can you reduce the amount/frequency that you take the vitamins and see if that helps?

That’s a great idea, maybe I can try just half the dosage.

Everyone reacts differently but I can tell you that I was starting to feel some relief from my meds than I started taking a high dose of B2 and B complex and immediately all my symptoms got worse. So after a week I stopped. I met with my neuro yesterday and he doesn’t think it had anything to do with it. But it was the only thing I was doing differently. So I’m still taking my multi and coq10 and that’s it. I’m going to try magnesium now as Ive seen so many great results from members of this forum.

I really think a lot of vitamins have fillers that may be triggers, although I haven’t fully researched that. all of this is so overwhelming at times.

Good luck with this and hope you find success soon!


I can’t take B-complex vitamins. They make me ramped up big time. I want to start taking B2, so I looked up the ingredients in the “5 hour energy” and found it is mostly the B6 and B12 (with caffeine of course) that gives the energy. No B2 is in that. I also looked up the side effects of all the B vitamins and some of them have insomnia and palpitations listed but B2 doesn’t. So, I ordered some and I’m going to give it a try…but only 100mg at a time to see. Perhaps their effect is causing this extra goofy feeling you describe.

Yes, my ramp up was jumping up and down super fast for hours until I fell aslepp on tylenol pm- it was horrible. I might as well have been on a fair ride- jeesh! Thank you so much guys for your comments! That is SO helpful.

I have the prenatal vitamins here and the label says:
Vitamin B12 8mcg 100%
Vitamin B6 2.6 mcg 100%

And then the vitamins that did this to me a few months ago are called, "Alive! Whole Food Energizer Multi-Vitamin
Vitamin B6 50mg
Vitamin B12 200mcg

So, a lot more in the Alive than in the prenatals but strange how I took both for a few weeks and have 1 bad reaction to each over time. I guess that might be the amount of time it took to get into my body? Or too much of it?

Maybe will look for a multi that doesn’t have b6 or b12. any ideas? thanks everyone for your help!!!