Vitamins for migraines

Anyone taking these?

shall i take all 3 or try each one? any recommendations?

Interesting article. What’s the date, do you know?

Because I was nervous about citrus in any form, I’ve avoided citrates. My doc suggested trying Mg, up to 400 mG 2x/day. I worked up to this with the oxide, but had to back down because of diarrhea. Maybe I will try the citrate, now that I know I tolerate lemon and orange.

Others on this board do take the other supplements. I’m sure you’ll hear from them–or you can search for their previous comments.

My neurologist prescribed 60 mg Cymbalta which helped but did not eliminate my MAV. About 15months ago, she had me add the supplements mentioned in this article. I took them sporadically, then 2011 Christmas had a spell that landed me in bed for three days. After a scolding from my neurologist, I started taking the Mg FAITHFULLY, and have been almost symptom free for a year. I’m convinced the supplements make all the difference. I take 800 mg Magnesium Citrate, 400 mg B2, and 400 mg CoQ10.

Now, I am weaning off the Cymbalta. I’m a little worried about doing so, but the price of the Rx is exorbitant. It’s a wonderful drug and I’ve been on it for about three years, but I’d rather have the money. My neurologist agrees, so I started the weaning process last week. I’m experiencing some withdrawal, though.

Any comments, suggestions, advice is appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile: