VM acute/rescue meds

My doctors are pretty useless despite getting a diagnosis from 2 Neurologists of VM.

If I do have headaches/head pressure with my VM episodes I usually take paracetamol.

Not been prescribed Triptains yet, whether they are suitable for VM or not?

Sometimes CBD oil(SimplyCBD green)which helps relax me, although that’s not meant to be used for acute issues.
Have tried it for weeks on end as a anxiety reducer but was pretty hopeless when it wore off 4 hours later.

For the dizziness all I got prescribed is prochlorperazine
I get muscle ridgity/twitches/the shakes on that so only take it when I’m desperate if I got bad vertigo.

Recently got prescribed Serc(Betahistine) but says use in caution with asthma. So quite scared to try it, incase it flares up my asthma.

The stupid doctors won’t prescribe me any benzos which I read can be used for vertigo attacks.
Nor will they prescribe me meclizine which I know is used for vertigo. Maybe that can’t be used with asthma?

So I’m greatly suffering and the doctors are useless.
Usually fob me off too and look at me like I’m crazy.

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