VM and low sodium issues

I am newly diagnosed with VM, as I am trying to navigate through all this I have discovered an unusual problem. In learning about triggers and what foods I shouldn’t eat much of like salt, I find I have low sodium levels. Why docs don’t know. So I am dizzy all the time not knowing if I am have low sodium or an attack. I get headaches have the time. So am getting blood taken all the time. Am trying to find balance. Not sure what normal feels like anymore
Does anyone else have this issue? Just grasping idea of VM now another monkey wrench in the mix. Any help would be appreciated

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Sounds like you should focus on resolving the sodium level issue and see if that helps your symptoms.

Have you been diagnosed with Hyponatremia?

My sodium was fine a month ago, still got VM attack with dizziness so . Since I don’t always get headaches it’s a guessing game

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