VM and screens

Hi- I’m new here. I was diagnosed with VM in February and have had severe vertigo ever since. Im doing better now but am on the cusp of losing my job because I can’t tolerate using screens. When I use my laptop screen, I get dizzy, get a headache, and experience nausea within 5 minutes. When I try to read, I have 15 minutes before these symptoms kick in. iPad, same as screens. I am an editor so my job is 100 % screen work. I don’t know what to do about these symptoms- they’ve been steady since February. My neurology nurse practitioner/neurologist don’t know what to do either except try botox. Im on topaz.

Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone lost their jobs due to this? Thanks-

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Welcome. Sorry to hear you are suffering. The threat of losing your job is extremely stressful. I was ultimately made redundant because of MAV.

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Suffice to say I solved my issue with screens almost overnight using a vestibular suppressant: Amitriptyline.

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