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VM Dr. nr. Melbourne, Australia?

Anyone here from Melbourne Australia that reccomends am amazing dr that knows about vm and is caring?

Neurology Victoria has two good Neurologists: Dr. Michael Tan, and Dr. David Szmulewicz. These doctors were recommended to me by a dizziness clinic in Melbourne, and i’ve found them to be very competent and caring.

As outlined in the link below, they specialise in Balance Disorders.

Best wishes, D.

Who did you see. I

First I saw Dr. Tan, who was excellent, but he went on leave. So, then I saw Dr. Szmulewicz. He is also excellent. They’re both very nice and respectful.

I would just go for whomever you can get an appointment with first

Indid see dr schm in 2016 but i was so unsure with what was going on and the appointment was a blur. Since then i have seen another 3 drs but will go back to him now. I would like to ask did your vm improve. Did you take meds? I feel like ive gone crazy i cope anymore

I’ve tried a bunch of meds, but no improvement thus far.

I’ve seen in your other posts on the forum that you have a lot of anxiety and that you are afraid of taking meds. I was terrified too. But now, I’ve tried so many that I barely even think about it when I pop a new pill. I’ve had side effects, but the funny thing is that the thought of side effects is a lot more scary than when they actually happen to you.

I think you might do well to pick a medication that helps with anxiety in addition to Vestibular migraines. There’s no shame in killing two birds with one stone.

It is clear from your posts that you are extremely anxious. If you ever need to chat, message me - I’m awake on Melbourne time too. Everything is going to be okay, you just need to take some strategic (and possibly scary) steps to improve your situation. This forum will help guide you through those.
Best wishes,

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Did you use search?

And now we have yet another Melbourne Doctors Topic, making it more difficult for people to find the information in the future as it’s more dispersed.