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I googled to find a comprehensive list of VM meds, but couldn’t find one. It seems that many of you are on meds that are for things other than VM, but they help VM. You may have heard me say this before or seen me post this before but I was on Topomax which helped me immensely, but affected my kidneys, so i stopped. Dopacote affected my liver and wasn’t great, gabapentin didn’t help. They tries Topomax again and it didn’t help at all. Back to the drawing board. If anyone has a link to all the available meds that i missed it would be appreciated thanks.

I am in the same situation , just got a diagnosis of my unexplained dizziness
I am on seroxat 25 mg
And stugeron 25 mg both one tab at night
Still no effect i am on my 10 th day
Hope all of us have dizzy free days


Veena: wouldn’t guarantee it’s comprehensive and, as I know you are trialling Pizotifen, you won’t find it listed because this list originates in US where it’s not available.

Another thought which came to me. Somewhere, under Wiki possibly, @Manatee (I think) put up a very long list of 100+ possible alternative drugs that have been used sometime, and @turnitaround quite recently put up a graph/table of those regularly mentioned by members too. Both these lists are on mvertigo.org somewhere.



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I trust you’ve taken a look at the:


When it comes to information about VM/MAV, if it is not on mvertigo, I doubt it will be anywhere! :wink:

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Sorry John for calling you ‘Veena’. Misread yr Username, just saw the ‘V’ and thought ‘Veena’. Whoops. Helen

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Thank you all. I will check out all the information you provided.