VNG test/ fistula problems?

My husband had a severe vertigo attack after the first nights use of an cpap machine. He had an VNG test done ( Wearing an infra-red goggle with flashing lights for eye movement and also a flow of warm/ cool air in the ears . It showed he had completely flat-lined on his right sideā€¦thinking this could be a fistula. When we went to the second ENT dr he did a fistula test inhis office. It involved the cool/ warm air in the ears. Neither time did my husband have a dizzy spell from either test. The ENT dr said if it was a fistula he should of been very dizzy during this test. Donā€™t understand why it showed up on black and white but not in his head? Did anyone have this happen to them??? Megansmom

Um, sorry for my confusion Megansmom, but I thought a fistula was the thing my husband has in his wrist to prevent his vein from collapsing during hemodialysis. What kind of fistula are you talking about?

a fistula can happen anywhere in the body - itā€™s an abnormal connection between two organs, or two vessels, anywhere in the body. we just talk about fistulas here, assuming they mean in the vestibular system, a perilymph fistula, am i correct megansmom?


You are correct!!